Wild For Planners Conference: Office Depot Shop Summit

Early May I had the most amazing opportunity to speak to a large crowd of 150 women (mostly) entrepreneurs at the Wild For Planners Conference: Office Depot Shop Summit in Las Vegas.

The Office Depot staff was so generous and showered the crowd with planner items, pens, and an abundance of information through these fellow speakers! I was honored to be among them.

Y’all know how I feel about flat lays, especially since I shoot them almost daily and have a big passion for empowering business owners with custom brand photography.

Speaking to the crowd was such a rewarding opportunity, and I cant thank the Office Depot and Wild For Planners team enough for asking me to come speak and shoot a few flat lays of swag.

wild for planners
wild for planners

This conference swag was so enormous, many attendees had to buy extra luggage to bring it home. I had to leave half of my stash behind because I just couldn’t carry it all.

wild for planners

Sponsors were so generous, and I had never met a more friendly, open and honest group of crafters ever.

I can’t wait to hear where the next conference is being held in 2020!