In my mind, thanks to my 2 year old, IKEA is now known as the "blue castle with meatballs". In my house I have MANY IKEA things...bookshelves, rugs, fake flowers, picture frames,pots.....you name it!! Ive always wanted one of their couches, but for some reason, my husband isnt with me on that one.
Thanks to pinterest, there are many ikea-insprired projects out there........here is mine:
Yesterday we ventured 10 minutes down the highway to IKEA to explore and to find these:

I have quite a few recipe books/magazines that had been sitting on my IKEA bookshelf also in my kitchen, and was tired of having the messy bunch visible.
IKEA sells several kinds of these magazing holders, but the wood ones are most durable, and can easily be painted.

Don't want to paint? Decorate the fronts with wallpaper pieces cut from your favorite pattern...cut the strips to fit the fronts, and when all of the cases are placed side by side, the patterns allign.

Here is the way I painted mine...with my daughter's help on the first coat of white.
(Pardon the low-quality pictures....90% of my crafting time is at night :) )

I love my little $2.99 flower pot!....and I love hiding all of my recipe books too.

I would have found so many more things there to explore, but I remembered I had left 2 candles lit at home! I left in a hurry.............
What do you love from IKEA?