Carolina's story...Frames for Rescue!

These past few years have dealt a huge blow to animal shelters who have been even more overwhelmed than they were before the economic turn. Rescue organizations are feeling the pinch too!
Some families have had to give up a family pet they have had for quite a long time. These are often the saddest stories because older dogs/cats, etc. find themselves homeless all of a sudden, with little hope they will be the ones "chosen" IF someone happens to choose a shelter over a breeder.

It has been a longtime urge of mine to friends to look to shelters and rescue organizations for a furry friend, before forking over the ridiculous cost to a breeder, or {LORD help me!} a pet store.
Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue is just one of the rescues I know of and support. My mom works for them, and that is how I am current on some of their "happenings".

One such story just came my way and I would love to share...for the full picture story you can visit this link.
 In short, meet Carolina.

 She is a recent puppy mill rescue Cairn. If you don't know already, puppy mill dogs are basically puppy machines who live in squalid conditions, sometimes never getting to leave a cage.

Colonel Potter helped rescue her, and for the first time she was able to have her LAST litter.....and in glorious freedom, they were born. How happy she is!!

If you have been a follower of my page for a while, you have probably seen the many items I have made for rescue,but this time, I put some beautiful re purposed barn wood frames I received from The Old Red Barn Shop to good use.

 (Ian hand makes gorgeous frames and has exceptional customer service and prices.)

Check out these frames I decorated to sell to help earn some money for Colonel Potter!
They have hangers on the back to be hung horizontally or vertically!
Don't want to hang them? I can send anyone who buys one a black metal plate stand they fit perfectly on at no extra charge.

50% of each frame sold will go straight to Colonel Potter!
Each frame is being offered for sale on my facebook page Monday, March 26th, 2012.

Details: Picture dimensions are 8x12
Blue/yellow and gray decor frame is .......a pine barn wood frame with 2 1/4 paper medallions in various colors such as yellow, blue, khaki,gray, mint and sheet music paper as well.
vertical view:
horizontal view: This solid oak barn wood frame is just too pretty to cover up with medallions, so instead it has 3 twine ropes for you to attach small pictures... or use it as a bow board. Pink, teal, white, creams and yellows are everywhere......A pink ruffle is adorning one side, while a teal ruffle is on the other....4 mini clothespins also come on it
vertical view: Another pine frame with a mustard-yellow chevron....2 semi-medallions in a coordinating yellow and teal blue. 5 bronze skeleton keys are adhered to the middle.
If you'd ever like to donate specifically to Colonel Potter, visit them here.
Thank you!!!