My Project Life

I am so excited to say that my Project Life books are really underway...more posts coming soon about all of the details, but for now, just check out some awesome embellishment/accent cards I printed for them...

The top left card will be used when I page the favorite pictures from San Francisco over Christmas break
The top right card will be used in my daughter's book when I page the pictures from our Disneyworld trip
The bottom card will be used on the page with the pictures from my daughter's birth....going to have to make 2 of those ;)

Don't know what Project Life is yet??

I describe it as a way to scrapbook without hassles of regular scrapbooking...with an emphasis on journaling and saving memories. I love to keep things from the places I go, and this really allows me to do that too...
Check out this link to see the creative group at Project Life!!