Total random hints and a freebie~

Well, if you saw my helpful hint yesterday, you might think I am a little OCD. Yes, empty hangers in a closet annoy me. I much rather have them collected in my laundry room than scattered in the various closets I have in my house. If you try what I suggested, it really will help manage that big pile that comes out of your dryer.
Here are a few more tid-bits I have swirling around in my head....

1) Shop intentionally:
If you read my post yesterday, you'd know that I have a free printable for you! This one I whipped up because I find that I follow a pattern when I am in the grocery store.
Do you have a favorite store to shop at? You probably visit the departments in that store in a certain order, instead of running all around the store. (If you do run all around the store, then this will definitely help you save time).
Simply fill in your grocery list in the order of the departments you follow. For instance, yesterday I hinted that visiting the produce section first is most beneficial. Stock up on those yummy and healthy things first, and you will have little to no room for the junk in other isles.

Got a coupon? Remind yourself by checking the circle to the right of that item.
Need to grab stamps or a rental movie? Write it at the bottom:)

Download and Print away!
Doc 152)

2) Anyone still wear an apron???
I asked this on my facebook page yesterday, and to my surprise, I got a few responses, and they were a resounding YES! People still wear aprons!
I knew this because I have seen a bunch of boutiques carrying pretty and frilly aprons for "sassy" ladies to wear, but aprons can be more for just the kitchen.
I had this idea of adding big pockets, loops, etc. onto my apron, but really pockets are all you need.

Wear that apron when you do household chores...pick up the trash that you find or little cluttery objects and put them in the pockets instead of carrying around the little knick knacks in your hand. If you have 2 pockets, use one for things you need to trash, and the other pocket for things you need to relocate.
The apron goes with you wherever you go, and your hands can be trinket-free.

3) Use vinegar
If you haven't heard of white vinegar yet, then just go to Pinterest and type in'll be surprised at all of the uses for this. BONUS: It's super cheap at the can get a huge bottle for just a dollar.  It can be used to clean, deordorize, give your laundry that extra "umph" when its washing, and can be used as a stain remover too...just check it out. ;)

One more tid bit:

4) Think twice...
before throwing a containter away. Some items you buy at the store come packaged in a unique tin or canister. After you are done with that item, try to repurpose the container in some way. Organize something.
I used some containers yesterday to orgainze my more random tea bags all over the place.