A hobby I love...

I am grateful to my husband for buying me a nicer camera just over a year ago...it has cause me to try more with the pictures I take. I know I am not anywhere near being called a "professional", but having good pictures to share with others are like a invaluable treasure.
Luckily, I have 2 cuties that are my photo subjects whether they like it or not ;)

It seems I am always taking pictures of SOMETHING!

If you saw my post on my facebook page a few weeks ago, you may know that I was looking for volunteers so that I can practice taking pictures more often.
I was blessed to have two wonderful "takers" on my offer...who doesn't like free photos??

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and her friend for a fun session in the park, and
today I happened to photograph an adorable little 7 month old girl, Madelyn (totally guessing on the spelling ;)...and her mom...her mom's mom...her mom's mom mom- get that??

That's 4 generations...how fun!

Thank you Leah and family for letting me take your pictures and post a few on my blog!
Here are just a few sneaky peeks...there were a lot of good ones to choose from, so I'll be in touch soon with those.