Blast From the Past

You know those time capsules students sometimes bury at their school when they are little, only to go back years later and dig it up to see what life was like at a certain time?

Well, my "filing system" has sort of become one of those for me.
I have quite a bit of frustration going on with a few circumstances we've been facing regarding houses and jobs, so I needed something to attack. Organizing is always something that makes me feel better. I come.......
Don't let this be you:

Yes, I am embarrassed to say that this is how my filing has become in the past year or two. With our move coming up, I have been overhauling any clutter we have. It has to be gone.
Not to mention, I really do love being organized...its just so easy for a corner of our closet to be hidden this way.

In the wake of putting our house up for sale, there were documents we needed to have for the process. Where were those papers? I knew I had them, cause I save EVERYTHING!

Want to know what other blasts from the past I found??

Ticket stubs from my first movie date with my now-husband...the fact that he went to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with me back in 2005 proves that a guy will do almost anything to be with a girl. I have more stories, but I wont embarrass him

I found a print out of a personality test I got to take in college that helps you know what careers you would be good at. Granted, this is a test most people pay for, I got to take it for free. Good thing, because it was total junk and got me all

I also found a 2007 planner I wrote EVERYTHING down in.

2007 was a monumental year, and it started off great too... I was getting to go to California and see my not-yet husband and friends....can you tell I was excited?? Our entire dating relationship was 3 years of getting to see each other for a week or two each was so hard. We had planned a new years trip to Reno and he proposed in the snow on the ride home.

On a more serious note, this planner reminded me of a lot. I decided to look back onto this day on 2007...April 4th...I wondered what I had done that day. Well, it was a busy day of work and I was in the midst of wedding planning. I had a list of prayer mentioning a friend who was struggling with infertility. 5 years really does go by quickly, and its amazing to see how God has worked. I'm about to celebrate 5 years of marriage...and my friend now has 2 miracle babies.
God is good.

Tomorrow, I will be posting some filing system tips and tricks. Nowadays filing doesn't have to be folders and filing cabinets....I'll show you other ideas too :)