Begin & Then Keep On

Is there something you love to do? Maybe there's something you've always wanted to do, or enjoy doing, but are afraid to take that first leap and get started or make a real investment. I urge you, do what you love, begin and then keep on.
It is a rare occasion, but sometimes I find myself complaining to my husband about how I want to do so many so many things... earn so many things. I struggle with pride and trying to please others sometimes--who doesnt?

I tell him about my high hopes for this blog. A blog that just a few friends read, and thats ok. His opinion that blogs are fake and meaningless don't help me any since I think writers of blogs can change lives.

Sometimes I do ask myself why I do half of the things I do.

Are the kids really going to want these scrapbooks one day when they grow up?
Is keeping an online record of my interests and life in a blog really meaningful to anyone?
Does making sure my family eats healthy, homemeade meals that dont have a bunch of ugly ingredients written on a box really change anything?

I have to say YES.
My urge goes beyond just doing what you love, beginning and keeping on, but also doing it whether the people around you think you are nuts or if they think it is a waste.

One such person was a topic of conversation between my husband and I a few weeks ago as I spoke about all of this with him. Here's how the conversation sort of went:
ME:  "How is it that people like Dr. Seuss can write a book about hopping on pop, and become one of the most noted writers of all time".
HIM: "He did something he loved, and that brought him happiness/success."
Maybe he was right...
There is more to Dr. Seuss than meets the eye.
As I was growing up, I had a subscription to a children's magazine called Highlights.
Who knows if anyone else remembers these, but my mom had proudly saved all of mine from the 80-90's. It has been fun looking through them again and remembering reading some of those wonderful stories. I recently happened upon the May 1993 issue, and inside was an article about Dr. Seuss.

        This inspiring man was really no doctor at all, and "Seuss" was actually his mother's maiden name. He never put his real name on a book, and almost never got published at all....his first book was rejected over 27 times by publishers. He began writing his books at the age of 32, as he was on a ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. His words hummed to the beat of the ship's engine.
His love was writing and art, even though his high school art teacher told him "you'll never be a real artist." Seuss often took over a year to write each book, and filled over 1000 pages of writing/drawings before publishing a book.
He wanted to help kids learn how to read, so he looked at a list of easy-to-read words that rhymed and the first two were "CAT" and "HAT". You can guess where that led....

None of this may mean anything to you, but his story reminds me that in life there are going to be the doubters and discouragers. I hope that you can realize something you love, begin it and keep on anyway. I have tried many crafts and hobbies....the most enjoyable life I have found is with my kids. Crafting with my kids makes it that much better, and thats why I started this blog.

Yes, I will keep making my scrapbooks.
Yes, I will keep trying blogging.
Yes, our healthy eating really does matter.

Lets take care of ourselves and encourage eachother.