Our Transition


prefix meaning "across, beyond, to go beyond," from L. trans-,
from prep. trans "across, over, beyond,"
probably originally prp. of a verb *trare-, meaning "to cross"

Transformations and transitions are hard. Accepting change would come much more naturally for people if it was an easy thing to go through.
Transition and the military life go hand in hand. I have to deal with this sort of thing whether I like it or not, and the Marine Corps is in control. In a few more months that will not be the case anymore, since we are leaving this family we have known for 9 years. This is a bittersweet transition for me. The Marine Corps has given us reasons to celebrate and reasons to cry.

We are getting ready for a transition from the Marine life to civilian life again. So many things are up in the air, and as we get closer to the last day we begin to grow anxiety. An anxiety that we shouldn't really have because we know God is directing our steps.
Where are these steps leading, you may want to know?
Well, I would like to know too.

Having a house on the market for the past 5 months and see it transform our savings account was also not part of our plan at all. Maybe you are feel the pinch of the economy in some way?

Thankfully Proverbs 16:9 promises me:
                    In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

All I can say at this point is we may be relocating to be near family, or we may be called to live somewhere else. We are really in the dark about the situation.
What we do know so far, is that we are keeping our options open. Looking for jobs is a stressful process, especially when we are having to convert all of Levi's qualifications from "military lingo" to what I call "civilian lingo".

He actually has a big opportunity that has popped up in the past week, and he will be flying to NC for a few days of interviewing. (The job wouldn't be in NC..its just where the interviews are)

One of the days of his trip happens to be Noel's third birthday. Its the 2nd birthday he's missed....and hopefully the last. However, these are the types of sacrifices that have to happen when duty calls. Luckily, I don't think she is at an age where she will care too much, and we can celebrate as a family when he gets back.

Just please pray with us this week as we prepare for the questioning he will be going through and his safe travels. If its Gods will we live somewhere other than Northern California, like we had planned, I hope that He makes it clear.

If a job offer comes out of next week, we will have a hard time saying no.
The security, benefits and freedom that would come with that job sure is appealing...and it happens to be the technical job he did for the Marine Corps before we got called to recruiting duty.
Have you been through any transformations lately that just had you stressed?
I find confidence in that verse, and also in the definition of the prefix itself....
  going across/over and beyond whatever it is sounds so freeing and fun. Think of transformation as a positive experience.

Caterpillars transform into butterflies
Seeds the size of a flake of oatmeal can grow to be sequoia trees
Babies crawl and then walk, and then run.