Texas Treasures

Do you love to go "antiquing?"

I sure do, and I have to believe that Texas has quite a few amazing antique shops to visit.

I recently brought back a few treasures I found there, and a few that have sentimental feelings attatched to them.

This couch is pretty old and has been in my family for quite a long time.
Lets just say, my great grandmother used to sleep on this couch, and it has been recovered once or twice. It is a solid wood frame, 8-way-hand-tied "settee", as my mom likes to call it.
In simple words, its a couch. Since we are about to move, it is living in the garage for now.

I remember when I was little, it was covered with a teal and gold velvet-like material. In the early 90''s my mom went through a Victorian phase and decided to recover it as it is now.

Growing up, this was the couch in the family room where my sister and I would practice dances/gymnastics, creating "shows" to then perform for my parents. We would take turns dancing, and whenever it was our turn to go away, this is where we would sit.
I would usually make up the routines and have to hold her legs for her when she wanted to do a handstand. I guess thats what big sisters are for.
Those days are the good memories I have of my sister- back when she wanted to be my friend.

            I can't wait to find a fabric I love and get it just the way I like now that its in my home.


This was a random frame stuck all alone in a antique store in Houston. It didn't have a price, so I asked and they said "10 bucks!". I said "Ok!"

Not only is it solid wood, but this sucker is big and heavy!

 I love the detail on it too. Much to my husband's dismay, I intend on painting it white and putting something handmade in it over my mantle....we will see what I decide on soon!


This thing doesn't really work right now, but I wanted it because my mom used it back in her college days.  I dont know if I should bother getting it serviced into working condition.... I think I want to.
I love the retro-tealish color of it, and typewriters sound so amazing as the keys snap the paper.
I have a feeling if I do get it fixed, a lot of love notes for Noel, Hope and Levi will be typed often.

Do you have any old treasures that have meaning for you?
Any amazing finds you have made?

I would love to hear about them;)