Leaving a Family

These last few days have been so crazy...

Wednesday-husband left for an interview in another state
Thursday-potty training day
Friday- Noel's birthday day
Saturday- husband returned and we had to go STRAIGHT to a family day event for the Marines and Marine Corps recruits in the area.

It was a rewarding event to go to....to see our husbands do what they do best: be respected leaders and teachers to these highschoolers who have made commitments to become Marines.

There is just nothing like it. I know I have talked a little bit about our life in the Corps, so you may know we have just a couple of months before we start a new chapter as civilians again.

Being on recruiting duty, and keeping the feeling of comradery with other Marines has been more difficult, but it does still feel like we are leaving a family.
                                                                      Family who:

throw a baby shower for you when all of your family is out of state
attends your kids birthday parties because ^
  is experiencing similar life situations you are 
 understands your everyday life more than anyone else

Yesterday, I got to hear a former Marine who had served 21 years speak. He had traveled all over the world, and had duties that included working for the president. One thing he said stuck out to me, which was that the Marine Corps teaches and it GIVES. At some point through those future Marine's lives, they will have to evaluate their time in the Marine Corps. No matter when they look back, they will be able to clearly know that the Marine Corps GAVE them values that can't be found anywhere else. It gave them a life of opportunity.

It was a pleasure to see my husband dressed up in his cammis and speak to his recruits. He was a magnet for conversation when he took our 7 month old and walked around with her in his arms. It was a cute sight to see. Yesterday was probably one of the last times I'll ever see him in action as a Marine again...maybe the last time in the uniform and boots. There's just something about having people appreciate him publicly. It makes me feel good, and I am sure it makes him feel good too.

 About 6 months ago, we had lunch one day with Levi, and he was in uniform. A man approached with a note, and quickly left. We opened the note, and inside was a $20 bill, and these lovely words:

"Thank you for your family's sacrifice. Lunch is on us."

I think sacrifice is something any military member knows very well.

Leaving this Marine Corps family will be such a change for us, but I believe "Once a Marine, always a Marine." I am also thankful that God led him through this time in the Marine Corps, to hopefully go on and use the values he has learned in the next place He has for us.