Day 5: Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Great job to the participants so far!

It seems we have a few active participants who want to get organized, and I couldn't be happier. Remember, you want your living space more organized---you are tired of that clutter. Thank you for choosing to come here on our weekdays to collaborate with news about what getting organized is doing for you and your family!

Keep going...take it day by day, and we will soon be done!

Today we are organizing a pretty simple area: Under the kitchen sink!

You may have things under there you have forgotten, and things that are useless.

Let's get to it!

1) Get a large box and dump everything under your sink into it carefully!
2) Wipe down your shelves/doors and walls underneath. If you have contact paper (very inexpensive if you want to buy), put some of that down to help it stay more clean.
3) Go through the box and discard old/empty bottles. If you have multiples of things, try consolidating them if you can. Figure out what bottles/rags/etc that you are going to keep.
4) Find any organizing bins you can use and start sorting. Put rags all together, gloves together, cleaners together, etc.
5) Put them in a designated location under the sink, and sit back to admire your work!

Good job!
Did you find anything under there that you had forgotten you had?

I apologize for my horrible kitchen doesn't have great natural light in the mornings ;)

 I realize I have a dish soap problem....sometimes cant resist free things I know I will use...
........I am working on this!

Hopefully, now your sink area will be more useful than hazardous ;)

I'd love to hear what your results were!