Organizing Your Heart

Its getting to HOT outside, and since ya'll have been working so hard on organizing the inside of your house, I had one thought on my mind recently that I wanted to share!
This is something I struggle with, so I am hoping for some feedback from others about this too!


Having an organized house is great, but having an organized heart is more important.

When we talk about organization, its more than just taking a drawer, dumping it out and making it look pretty again. On the outside that is what we are doing, but the foundational hope is to make life easier, more fun and productive.

My hope was that the next time you go to look for something, you will find it where it belongs, and your family life will run more smoothly as a whole.

All of that sounds peachy as I type it out, but in reality, if our hearts are disorganized, having an organized house or office just isn't going to be fruitful no matter how many bins we buy or labels we stick on things.

When we organize, labels can be useful to designate what a space is for.
What are the compartments of your heart labeled for?

Does yours look like this?

Evaluate the things you give your heart to....maybe its time you take off some of the labels and rename them things that are going to last.

I thank God for friends and family and my time I get to spend with them. Those are pretty much the things that take up all of my space and my time. Grace has been such a gift given to us, that He offers to dump out our messy drawers and put them back again, making them all pretty.

I have really strived recently to live my life trying to do things that matter more than just on this earth. Some people are here one day and not the next, so make sure to make every day matter.

What about you?