Day 9...Toy Organization

Good afternoon, and welcome to day 9 of our 21 day challenge!

We are going through toys and our toy rooms today to clear out toys your kids just don't have a use for anymore.

This post is coming to you in the afternoon, since I wanted to give you a real taste of what my daughter can do to her play area in just a morning.
Here it is after "toynado Noel" has blown through and before I organized:

As you can see, she makes quite a mess.

A Bowl Full Of Lemons suggests you "containerize" everything...I do that, but for our stuffed animals, I choose to just throw them in one large bin.

Check out her page for toy organizing if you'd like to see how she did it!

Some other tips are:

 1) Donating toys your kids no longer play with/have out grown
2) Trash toys with missing or broken pieces.
3) WHAT I ALSO DO IS... get 3 tubs.
                                          label one January,April, July, October

label the other March, June, September, December

the toys that you leave out will be the batch that is labeled: February, May, August, November

Rotate the bin of toys each month to let your children have a variety and not so much clutter.

Here is my after picture

 After the toys were picked up, I made over the board games too...



How did organizing your toys go??