Life Update and Future Posts!

How was your mother's day weekend!?

I have to say, being a mommy is the best job I've ever had or ever will have. We enjoyed time at the zoo yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. We just got a new wagon, so the girls had fun being toted around and seeing all of the animals. Moms were half price, which was an unexpected bonus!

----------Since my husband got the new job that starts in July, we have been doing some house searching. I desperately want a house that doesn't have dirt for a backyard, or rock for a front yard. I want to plan a garden, and have space for my daughters to play. The only problem is....we have a dog and NO ONE seems to want to rent to people who have a dog. We also have a cat, but most places seem to just have it out for the dogs. This is super frustrating, because our dog is very well-behaved and trained. Hopefully we can find a house we love soon! Its getting hotter by the day....

-----------Potty training is still going great! I don't even think I should call it training anymore, because she pretty much does it all on her own. Our one big obstacle is going out in public, though. She refuses to sit on any other potty ANYWHERE. Im trying not to push it, but she's eventually going to have to go when we are out one day. Holding it for hours can't be good for her. If anyone has tips for having your child go potty in public bathrooms, Id love to hear ;).....Did you miss my original potty training adventure story? Go here!

-----------Today is technically supposed to be "laundry room organization day", BUT I'm giving us a day to organize and then discuss the outcomes tomorrow. This will give me more time because my laundry room is horrendous!! If yours doesn't look great either, think about following us on the 21 day organizing journey! You can join anytime, and today would be a great day to start.

Here is the Laundry Room Organization Post from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

-----------I am in the process of saving some money to get my website/blog just the way I like it. I wanted this blog to be about organizing and creating with your family, but in just the past 2 weeks of doing this organization challenge, I realize people aren't excited about may start to focus more on the creating side of things.

One of the creating projects I'm soon to be adding to the blog are our adventures in building our doll house. Ive been researching kits, but almost feel tempted to create our own, our own way.

We've started collecting furniture for our house, so I am excited to get it painted, and make handmade decor for the house. My daughters will hopefully enjoy making this fun project.

Aren't these little chairs too cute?!

Stay tuned for the mini quilts we are sewing for our doll beds ;)

----------I will also soon be posting some recipes for some smoothies we make that are totally yummy and healthy. A friend recently gave me the idea of adding some new ingredients, like spinach, to them and they taste delicious!
My 3 year old even loves them.

---------Do you love vintage linens? Go head over to The Lovely Poppy, and stay tuned because in the next week, I will have a tutorial about vintage pillow case dresses!  I will also be giving a hand embroidered vintage handkerchief away, so be sure to stay up-to-date!

                                                     Photo by Laura Sokol Photography

---------Spread the word! I have been practicing my new hobby (photography) for the past year, and I've realized I love product photography. If anyone in the East Valley area of Arizona has a handmade business, and would allow me the chance to photograph your creations, I would greatly appreciate the practice. Who DOESN'T like free photography??
 I am happy to announce, I am already a product photography intern for Glow Kouture, and can't wait to get better at this hobby I think is really fun!
Thank you for thinking of me ;)

Whew...seems like that was a lot to catch you up on, so I hope I didn't lose anyone in the first sentence ;)

Thank you for liking my blog, and feel free to share it with friends.