A Baker's Dozen...Get to know me!

Who doesn't like the idea of a baker's dozen? Add one more to a bunch, and thats usually not a bad thing, unless we are talking about inches on my waist...;)

So here's a random baker's dozen of facts about me...you may find that we have things in common, or that I am just weird! HAHA!

 I am half Italian (my dad is 100%) By looking at me you may not know, since I am blonde, blue eyes and about 5'10" tall. My maiden name is "Gallucci" (Guh-loo-chee)... you name it, Ive heard it, when it comes to the pronounciation. I am the only one out of ALL of my relatives with blonde hair, and the only Italian thing on me is my big nose and food-loving taste buds ;)

Speaking of Italian, I grew up eating great Italian food, love mob hits from Dean Martin and Loui Prima...and my grandpa taught me an entire Italian song all of us cousins know, but we have no idea what it means in English. I studied Italian in college, but my professor was a strega! (witch in Italian)

I used to work at the Houston Zoo where I got to go behind the scenes and work with Lions, Okapi and other awesome animals...and I taught summer camp to 4 yr olds!

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Animal Science...my dream was to go to vet school, but my incompetence with chemistry made it impossible. I made life long friends there, though...and it happened to also be the college where my parents had met 20 years before.  I have a ton of stories about my time there...I got to participate in reproductive surgeries on pigs, feed horses, and do things that require gloves up to your shoulder...Gig'em Aggies!

I have lived in 6 states...the most amazing one was Alaska, but unfortunately I lived there when I was in middle school and didn't appreciate it like I should have. Really, who else gets to walk in rivers where salmon hit your legs, have berries grow in your backyard, and moose walk by your bedroom window!?

 I am left handed!

My favorite stores are Cost Plus World Market, IKEA, Target and Hobby Lobby...its just to bad many of their things are not made in the USA :(

The day my husband came home and told me he was being deployed, we also found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. He left 2 days after we found out she was a girl.
We decided on her name over dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and I had her 4 months later. Having a baby without a husband there, or an epidural are 2 things I vowed to NEVER do again...lol

My favorite colors are teal and yellow!

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who smack or lick their lips/make gross sounds with their mouths...this includes dogs.  eeeewww

I've eaten cannolis in Italy, crepes & ratatouille in France... and had Sangria as I watched flamenco dancing in Spain. Wish I could do it all again!

My babies come out with toddler-sized feet...lol...I wish they were able to wear those adorable newborn shoes and socks, but with a mom with size 10 feet, and a dada with 16's, its a no brainer they are doomed...lol

 I have a dream to write a children's book and take calligraphy lessons one day!

Tell me something about YOU!! ;)