This past weekend

Its been a few days since my last blog post, I know.

I am not sure why, but I have it in my head blogging is not for the weekends. I know thats crazy, and occasionally I may break that mentality, but really...don't people need family time away from all of it? Maybe its just me...

Life with my husband home 24/7 is different. I really can't complain, because the truth is we are blessed.

I never thought about it until we talked about it this weekend, but in the past 3 1/2 years, we haven't spent so much straight time together. He was deployed for 9 months, went directly into recruiting school for 8 weeks, and then we moved for recruiting duty where he worked 80 hr work weeks...
 the fact is, its been about 3 years since we had to "live" together daily...for days...consecuctive days.

We are learning a lot about the way we are...and now we have kids! Whew!
Anyway, this past weekend was fun, as I got to go to IKEA and get 2 shelves to make myself a crafty corner. My poor kitchen table won't be abused anymore by my paint and glue everywhere ;)

What this also means is, I will have a place to devote to my online shop reopening soon. It will be small, and some new and old things I have done will be in there. Since my free time really comes after 8pm everyday, it will be small, but a joy.

Take a peek! ....I tried to utilize every space I could without it looking cluttered. I inserted dowels into these leftover holes to store my tapes and ribbons!


It is perfect for me, I think. I am thankful to get any space in this house!

Also, I got to go to a friend's house and attend her drawing worshop, where she taught us about perspective. We practiced a lot of 3D-looking figures such as boxes, and pyramids. I am not a drawer at all, but it was fun to learn some new "perspective" about how drawings can be!

This week I will show you more of what I have planned for LifeCreated....a professionally done blog opening, and more :)