Blog How To: Comment Verification Settings

One of the biggest pet peeves I have when I leave a comment on someone else's blog, is the annoying number/letter codes I have to enter in order for my comment to get published.

I realized that since it is an annoyance of mine, it probably is to others too!

Don't you want MORE people to leave a comment, and not be deterred by such a minor thing??
They are helpful in preventing spam, I'm sure, but they are more hassle than good in my opinion.
It is easy to fix, and if you have blogger, this is how you do it.

Sign in to your blog, and click "Design" in the top right corner.

Then simply, go to settings

click posts and comments

make sure "no" is selected under show word verification!
I don't know too much about setting up blogs, so I am learning things like this as I go. Thank to Agape Love Designs & Photography, I recently learned how to know how many views my posts gets, and other informational data. Check out her post HERE to help you with that too! ;)