Life Updates..and Photography Volunteer!

If you've been a reader for a little while, or from the beginning just a few months ago, you may or may not know a little about me.
Ive managed to already write 80+ posts, and about 10 of them tell a little about my life and what I intend for this blog. (If you'd like, you can go to the labels on the right side and click to see past topics and posts.)

 One of the most frustrating things about starting out blogging, is working hard on a post, and then knowing "6 views" will be reported....again. I may grab a few of my favs from the past, and repost them, just so they don't go too

It'd be easy to join a bunch of "linky parties", do a bunch of giveaways, and pay to advertise.
But thats not me, nor what I want for my blog.

Did you know you can get your blog printed into a book?
I want to be able to say that if I go my blog printed into a book, that my book would not be full of artificial posts and ideas from other people. I try to portray family, creating, the love we have, the fun we have, and would love to form life-changing relationships with other bloggers.

Just pray for us...for me...during this trial with the real-estate market. Trying to short-sale a house in another state just isn't easy. It's like I have this gray cloud floating over my head most of the time, inside swirling dollar sings are just waiting to fall on me.

I told myself the other day that God is bigger than the real estate market, and He is.
I just need to really believe it.

My husband's last official day in the recruiting office is tomorrow, and I am on the fence about whether I am excited or not. Having him home more is going to be an adjustment, just because recruiting is so many hours, and his new job is much less. He will have DAYS off, and that is just unheard of as a Marine Corps recruiter.
We actually have a month to do nothing since his new job doesn't start until July.
Of course, in my mind I have trips and DIY projects planned...we will make the most of the budget we have.

Ive been wanting to "up" my photography practice, so tried to come up with a way I could use my time for something good and gain practice.

I know pictures are priceless, and sometimes a picture can make all the difference on whether a product is bought/sold, someone is hired or not........they can also mean life or death for a homeless animal.
Having a nice picture could help show potential owners a nicer impression of the animal, increasing it's chances for adoption.....not to mention, I'd get photography practice.
Too often, dogs are stuck with pictures like this:
Thankfully the animal shelter in town is already in the works of realizing this same idea, and there's a volunteer photographer orientation next month!! I'm pretty excited.

Last year, my dogs got out and ran away. I had to tour this shelter, and is was so bad, I left crying.
If one of my pictures helps save one animal, I have done a lot.

Thanks to those who keep up with me/my blog. I know I can be random and wordy :)