Colorblocked Stool From the Trash

I have mentioned the alley behind my house a couple of times, and have made some pretty awesome finds. I have also had to let some finds go just because my husband is somewhat anti-craft and very anti-mess.

Lets just say when I craft, I make a BIG mess. Cleaning it up is not one of my tendencies either...I usually start project after project and leave a trail.

Ive tried organizing and minimizing mess, but it still happens.

I saw this ugly and chewed stool in the alley a couple of days ago.

This is how it went (mostly):

Me: "OOOOhhh I see a stool I can redo"
Levi: "Oh no you don't..its trashy and I don't want it in the garage"
Me: "If its free, then what's the harm???...plllllllleeeeeaaaaassssseee? I will make it cute, resell it, and give you every penny to go towards your tv. {he's been wanting a new tv for months}
Levi: "No"

That goes to show how much he hated this much he was refusing money for his tv.

Somehow, I got it in the garage. I soon sawed the legs off, and used painters tape to create my stripes....this is what I came up with...makes a cute photo prop, or as a friend suggested: a time out chair.

Im just glad I got this project done in a morning, and it didn't sit in the garage for a year first- plus I spent ZERO dollars to do it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will comment below. I love to read what you think!