The Shop's Grand Opening!

Thank you to the people who encourage me daily with your comments and emails! Its so fun to share ideas and hear other people's opinions and ideas too!

I love crafting, and I love family, so those were my two focuses when I decided to end Noel's Paperie in January and change to LifeCreated in February. I wanted to remind people that we are created to do good works, and being creative can be a gift we can share with others.

I closed the shop, not knowing when or if I would open it again.

In January I had finished wedding invitation orders, having made about 1000 invitations last was fun but tedious work. I also sewed hundreds of feet of garland in a 48 hr period, and that sent me to burn-out.

A while ago, I began organizing a space for me to work, so that I no longer need to abuse my kitchen table. We hadn't eaten a family meal together at the table in months, and I was in need of change. Family was coming 2nd to my crafts.

I looked around at my "to-do" pile and realized nothing in it was for me/ our family.

I have used these past 6 months to learn a lot of what I really love and enjoy. Writing a blog has taught me things about creativity I didn't know before, and showed me even more that I can make this work.

So, what's in store for the store?

Besides a new logo and blog design being made, the shop will reopen TOMORROW!

 I hope you will share it with your friends, go "like" any items you see. 

If you are reading this post, a special code will work just for you...for 20% off any order, use the code GRAND

If you haven't started following me on Pinterest yet, please do so, and go repin some LifeCreated things you like there.
I appreciate your help in getting my shop name out there.

The main goals with my LifeCreated shop will be:

1) To make things I enjoy, that other families can enjoy..paper items and more.

2) Only ready-to-ship items will be sold, with a few exceptions only

3) Custom orders will be very limited, because the last thing I want to happen is another wait list, or delay. If you have an idea of something you'd like to see, I welcome any suggestions.

4) Every Monday, new inventory will be listed. Having 2 beauties running around greatly limits my time to get crafty, so throughout the week I will create, and on Mondays, the new items will be posted.  By setting up one day for items to be released, it keeps me from feeling under pressure to show something new everyday.

5) Some items will give a percentage donated to local animal rescues. {Spay and neuter your pets } ;)
Pressure is not what I'm going for here.

Items will include some of the old and some of the new items I have made...

Can't wait to share my first items tomorrow, and then more on Monday!