Kids, Eat Your Veggies

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies?
My kids inhale fruit, but veggies are a little bit more tricky.

Steamed spinach........... they love it

Corn and green beans.........they love those too

My trouble veggies so far are carrots and broccoli. This week we even tried cucumbers!

Noel, my 3 year old,  actually ate all veggies willingly once we renamed them...

Broccoli became "mini trees"
 carrots were "snowman noses"
cucumbers were "pinwheels"

Understandably, this trick may not work for every child, but mix it up and find the way that works well for your child!

Don't give up the first try....if anything, try the 3 bite rule that I learned from a friend:

One bite to see if your mouth likes it
One bite to see if your belly likes it
One more bite to see if you agree!
Also, if your kids don't like raw veggies, try serving them different ways:
on kabobs
cut into shapes
whatever you can think of! ;)