Photography Happenings

As you may know, I have been trying to explore photography for over the past year. I love taking pictures of life, and documenting important moments. You may have heard me mention my Project Life obsession before.

Taking pictures is something I do almost everyday, and Ive found myself truly enjoying product photography.

This month I have 3 small businesses sending me their products to photograph, and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see all of their creativity captured in the pictures they have trusted me to take.

Any experience I can get taking photos, I will take it. SO......

I recently decided to be a volunteer photographer at our local animal shelter. A great picture could be the difference between an animal getting adopted, or sitting in a cage for weeks.

I had to go purely focused on the photos to keep myself from having a break down.

At our training this past weekend, we learned some handling rules and guidelines.
I was told to let the dog run around and pant, because panting makes the dog look like it is smiling for the photo. A happy dog makes for a more appealing picture, apparently ;)

We toured building A- adoptable
We toured building L/F- lost and founds
We didn't tour the E building....euthanasia/sad situations are found there.

Here are just a few shots of some cuties I saw at my shelter many dogs, so few adoptive families.

I urge you to spay, neuter and adopt!

This shelter was overrun with small dogs like chihuahuas and Pomeranian type mixes. People think having Yorkie puppies is fun and they are cute, but forget that thousands are euthanized EVERY DAY.

This shelter gets 200+ animals brought in EVERY DAY.

Southern California has the largest animal control system in the United States, and the county I live in (Phoenix area-Maricopa) is 3rd.

Shelters always need donations:  money, towels, blankets....your time

 About 20% of the shelter's funds are from taxes, and the other 80% is donations.
Our shelters need help from everyone.