Mommy Moments

Sometimes, as a mom, I find myself living an episode of Groundhog Day. I say something one day and realize this same thing has been said before/happened before or been done to me before- maybe even many times.

Have you ever....

1) Said a phrase to your child so much, they learn it by heart, but still don't do what you say
                                    "Paper ONLY!" - meaning don't draw or put stickers on anything but paper
                                    "You'll get a boo-boo"- but they still do crazy things anyway.
                                    "What does mommy say?"-...Ive turned into Stewart's mom from MAD TV

2) Been in a hurry at the grocery store, but the older lady who works there feels the need to stop and talk baby-talk to your baby and get her to smile. Meanwhile, your other child is jealous and starts acting like a banshee in order to get some attention- all in the middle of the store.

3) Made a meal and before you ever get to sit down, your child start asking for seconds, and you realize you're going to have to eat your cereal dry or your BLT without the "b" all because you hadn't stocked up at the store for more groceries yet.
Guess I need to realize my kids have their daddy's appetites.

These are just a few mommy moments in my life that seem to happen A LOT!

Do you ever find your self living a mommy moment repetitively?
:) Happy Hump Day!