Where Were You When....

You know those pivotal moments in your life when something around you happens?
Its weird how our brain decides to record every word spoken, or seconds that pass in a very detailed way. Considering I can barely remember where I parked when I exit the grocery store, its amazing to me that I remember what I was doing when.....

 Princess Diana was killed
 the planes hit on 9/11
 my husband proposed
........and this day 4 years ago when  I found out my husband was going to be deployed AND that I was pregnant.

It had been a long day of the first week of my second year of teaching. We had just rescued our dog, Bella, from the shelter a few days before and she needed her shots. I was to meet my husband and Bella at the PetsMart across the street for the appointment.

Wanting to prevent me from having a breakdown, my husband thought it wise to tell me his unit was being deployed IN THE MIDDLE OF the vet appointment. Of course, I got a little pale and teary, but really,  what was I supposed to say?

Its not like when they tell you this you can argue or complain. After all, this same thing had happened to so many families already. Living in a military town, you weren't going to find any sympathy from anyone. Sure, people would be supportive, but sympathetic- no.

After the appointment, we went home to prepare for a night out with friends. I had been wondering if I should take that pregnancy test that was sitting under my sink, and now was as good a time as any. After all, I didn't want to keep trying to have a baby if my husband wasn't going to be around.

So, I needed to have answers.
Sure enough, it flashed positive.
After 4 months of negatives, of course this would be the day it became positive.

I walked out of the bathroom, speechless and waving the stick in the air, and in my husbands face. He thought it was a thermometer and kept saying "what-what is that?".

Needless to say, after a few hours, the excitement, turned sadness, turned excitement again all led up to this day being ingrained in my memory forever.

I had seem other wives who had their babies while their husbands were deployed, and I always said I could never do that. I've now realized that you can really never say never, and that when you are faced with a situation, you do what you have to do for survival.

These 4 years have been the best of times and the not-so-best of times, but all of them have been blessed times with our beauty, Noel.

Sometimes when things are happening to you, it looks like everything is turning out to be a real mess. I kind of think of it as standing with your nose to a painting.

You see the mesh of strokes and they look like ugly blobs and streaks.
Step away, and see the painting is beautiful and it wouldn't be what it is without those blobs and streaks.

Do you have days that you remember vividly?

Thanks for reading my blog :)