Family Photo Sessions....what you DONT need

I think when you are photographing family, the most important ingredient is the love.

My wonderful friend, Jessica, is not a "professional" by photography standards, but I know from her beautiful blog, that she can take beautiful pictures. I figured, with her knack for picture taking, and my low bank account stats (lol!), we could get together and make it work.

Thankfully, she met up with us for about 20 minutes yesterday, and snapped a few quick shots of us just talking, walking around and giving hugs/kisses. It was great to actually be IN a picture with my kids, so I was just looking forward to that. I handed over my camera, she took the pictures, and then I had all of my pictures to sort was so simple!

Professional photographers are great to have, and work very hard at what they do. I just want to stress that you don't ALWAYS need a professional to have a pretty picture.

What makes someone a "professional" anyway?
We are all always learning something new.