DIY Lace Button Accessories

Although it is still 100 degrees here in Arizona, I am mentally getting ready for Fall.

Ive recently decided to pull out my beads and make a few things you may see in my shop.

I've realized I like to switch it up and make different types of things so that I can get experience photographing different items....its very strategic how you lay things and adjust the lighting depending on what it is you are photographing. I find myself learning new things every time I photograph a new thing....and I love it.

If you saw my DIY Button Ponytail Holder post on Glow Kouture's blog, you are already ahead in learning how to make some of these. If you haven't seen that post yet, go read it, and then this will make more sense.

You will basically follow the same process except:

1: Before pressing the button together, make sure you remove the metal loop that you would use to attach the button to something.

2. When you go to lay your fabric into the mold, lay a piece of lace ribbon down first.

3. Buy some metal bobby pins and once your button is complete, adhere them together.

These are perfect for Fall...can't wait to get in the Fall mood.
They were perfect to practice photographing jewelry.

If you know a shop that would be interested in affordable product photography for their items, please send them my way! ;)