If We Were Speed Dating

I know recently I have somehow managed to jump past 100 GFC followers, and 340 FB fans, which I think is amazing!
I know sometimes people just click "like" for the heck of it, so if you really do like me, stick around...if you don't, I will say goodbye with no hurt feelings:) I rather have involved friends, than a number, or thumbs-up.

Seriously, if we were speed dating, or speed- blogging, this is what I'd want you to know about me.
Thank you for being a follower of my blog. Feel free to share this freebie and my blog with friends.

My purpose with this blog is to make crafting with family in mind fun, and to share inspiration about how your life was created with a purpose in mind.....hence LifeCreated ;)

My name is Stephanie, and I'm 29 yrs old- I am a Christian.

I have 2 kids, and a husband who just started working a civilian job after being a US Marine for 9 years. We dated his first 4 years, and have been married the last 5. He's an electronics whiz and I am a college grad with a Science degree with past aspirations of Vet School, but chemistry kicked my butt, so that plan is out the window.

Ive been crafting since I can remember....sewing lessons when I was about 7...beading classes when I was about 11...cake decorating and scrapbooking then followed...learned to quilt...etc. If its a craft, I love it (minus crocheting or knitting- can't get those for some reason).

My daughters (3 & 1) get to be home with me, and we spend our days playing and crafting. Our blog shows some of our dollhouse-building adventures...check them out!

Most of my blog is about family friendly crafts and recipes....and makeovers of things I find in the alley behind my house.

I like going to Goodwill to search for discarded treasures.
My fav stores are Target, Hobby Lobby, Cost Plus World Market and Ikea.

I am diving into the world of product photography, so you may hear about my journey from time to time regarding that. I do product photography for a few handmade shops and Glow Kouture.

I love taking pictures of anything.
I love Project-Life.
I love to eat- especially desserts and Italian food....oh yeah, I'm half Italian.

We are still adjusting to civilian life, and still living in AZ. We almost moved to CA to be near family, but God gave us this job in the perfect time so we stayed. I like AZ, just wish there was less desert and more forest. Secretly wish we could still move to CA, but job and money are not there.

My favorite season is Fall/Winter
My favorite colors are yellow, teal and silver

I rarely wear make-up and have worn glasses since I was 3....hmmm....and I love FREEBIES!

So here's one on my facebook page.....enter if you'd like to win this: