Creation Photography..Farm Life

I have been wanting to write this post for over a week, and so I am excited to share it with you now.

If you've been following through my blog's journey, you'll know I aim to make it family-friendly with kids and creativity in mind. Photography is one of those creative outlets for me, that I have realized I really enjoy. I've dubbed my style of photography "creation photography". Some people are newborn photogs, while others do weddings. Creation photography encompasses what I like to take pictures of...handmade treasures, food and nature. Whether things were created by people, or by God, I like to capture their beauty in a picture.

On my facebook page I mentioned that its a benefit to follow local blogs if you can. Sometimes, you can learn about places nearby that you never knew existed. That is what happened with me and The Simple Farm.

As I continue to practice my photography, I came across a food photography blog that went to this farm just 20 minutes from my house.

It is a beautiful, cozy, organic farm that grows a variety of veggies, and even has goats and chickens.

Every Thursday and Saturday, they have a beautiful French-style market. Other local farms contribute their special items, so there is a mixture. The farm fresh eggs sell out fast!

Here are some pictures we have from our last 2 visits there....I will let the pictures do the talking.

If you live anywhere near Scottsdale, I highly recommend you try to go. The people are so friendly, and you can have relaxing quality time with your kids there too!

{If you'd love to leave constructive criticism of my photos, please do!}

Holding hands as we walk in...




Fresh whole wheat apple cinnamon bread...

She loved the bread!

Apple shreds in every bite.