Framed Peg Board & Spool Organization

There are so many great peg board prjects out there, and peg board is so functional!
Its also cheap and easy to find at any home improvement store around.

I {luckily} found this huge piece of peg board in the alley behind my house, so this project cost nothing to me! I have turned some rejected things from my neighbors into nice things before, as many of you have already seen.


One recent day, I looked at my spool box and decided enough was enough!
 Housing my thread like this these past few years had to stop.


I cut an 8x10 piece of the peg board off, and then found a frame I already had.
I decided to paint the peg board a light blue/teal color I already had too.
Its ok if your peg board edges are perfectly straight...they will be hidden inside the frame.

Unfortunately, I didn't have dowels the size of the holes, so I used old colored pencils I had laying around. I was determined to make this project without buying a thing.

 By cutting 2 1/2 inch pieces of the old pencils, I had instant pegs. It was a tight fit, but they fit perfectly into the holes. (Check that they fit your spools before putting them in the board).

Place the peg board into the frame and hang!
My spools are organized and out of the way now, and this can work for any frame you have.


Don't be afraid of peg board....go investigate some other peg board ideas to help you maximize your wall space.