DIY Packaging for Business

One of my favorite shops/blogs, JessicaNDesigns is inspiring us to think about our packaging for our businesses.

I think packaging is just as important as branding/logos because once someone purchases an item from you, it could make or break the chance for that customer to become a REPEAT customer.

Wouldn't the biggest form of flattery as a shop owner be to have someone as a repeat customer, and promoter of your business??

I think of packaging as that extra icing on the cake....I always say "go the extra mile with packaging".

Sometimes, the little extras are just as memorable as the item in that box.

Here are a few things I do for packages from my shop:

Business cards!

Colored twine...super easy and quick. If you want to change up the brown twine you have (which is cheap by the way), simply get some acryslic paint from your craft store. Water it down some, and put a small amount in the palm your hands. Run your twine through the hand with paint in it and pull with your other hand. Let dry.

I also love bakers twine from The Twinery:

Confetti....sprinkle just a few in a card or box. Don't put more than a few...don't want to annoy anyone.


Thank you note...

Washi tape..I have only a few rolls.

Hand stamped tissue paper. Get cheap white tissue paper, a pretty stamp and a color of ink pad you like. Lay your stack of tissue paper out a randomly stamp all over...when packaging your item, use one patterned sheet and a few plain sheets to make your patterned paper last longer. Chances are, the customer will notice the pop of extra effort on that one sheet, and the "extra mile" impression has been made!

I hope you like some of what I do for my shop ;)