My Shop's Message..and some new things!

You might have noticed the shop didn't open on Saturday like I wanted.
Turns out, we had a very busy schedule, which also included my husband having a video game tournament on the computer.......oh well!

I am happy to say it is now open in case any of your were wanting to take a peek at some of the new things in there. More fun goodies are coming throughout the week, so check back! I am especially excited about the camera strap covers and some project life cards that will be showing up!

If you never look at my shop, and rarely even stop by my blog, I hope you know I'm glad you came today. If you get anything from the minute you spend on my blog, know this:


That's really the message of my shop and my blog. I've said it before, and its worth saying again.
You were created.....handmade with a purpose.
And we all know handmade is AWE-SOME! ;)