Frozen Moments...and a challenge!

Last week my family and I went to the Arizona Science Center....I was in geek heaven as I got to walk around exhibits talking about Biology, weather, Botany, etc. I could have stayed there a while just reading everything- but its largely a kid's place for exploration.

We took our kids, and staying in one place longer than 3 minutes was a rarity-there was so much to explore! We mainly went to take in the amazing dinosaur exhibit!

In the lego room, I remember walking up to a car made of legos to find a little boy yelling "mom, take my picture- look at me!"


His mom had her phone out, and replied "I can't honey, my phone is full". She proceeded to flip through past photos, deleting a few to make room for new ones. It struck me {a little in a sad way}, that so many past photos had become frozen moments- stuck on that phone.

I was reminded of this instance last night as I tuned into a new show that's on TV called "Revolution". The show revolves around the idea that the earth is existing with zero electricity or energy of any kind. In the episode we were watching, the earth had been in this condition for 15 years, and one of the characters had saved her IPHONE all of those years because it was the only way she had to see her kids' pictures. When the power eventually got restored, she wanted to be able to see those pictures she had in her mind, but not in her hands.

Photography is a cherished art that preserves memories. I urge you, don't just let these memories sit in your digital device of choice, unable to be enjoyed. Get prints made, put them in frames, on the walls, in scrapbooks. Make those memories memorable.

You may even find some amazing pictures you forgot you had!