What Influence Means

If you haven't heard about the Influence Conference that just happened, or a blog called Life of A Pint-Sized Mama, then you need to go check it out!

Because of this conference, the pint-sized mama (aka Mackenzie) has been inspiring readers to think about their influence.

It kind of got me thinking about what influence means to me.

What is influence?
What influence do I make everyday?
Who do I influence?
Do I influence in a positive or negative way?

Influence (in my mind) sort of brings back the laws I learned in Science about there being a reaction to every action....ignoring the equal part...sometimes those you influence don't always react equally.

Erosion is an example of influence in that the constant wave of water over rock influences the eroding of that rock.

If I act and do something that influences someone else, I hope it would be for the positive.
I hope that person is influenced enough to spread it to another person.---think of it like a good virus ;)

In a marriage, the way I behave could influence the mood of my husband and the quality of our household. I think I have great influence at home, simply because I am always there. Wives were made with great purpose in mind- to be a good influence.

I see myself in my kids every day.
My 3 year old now says things I say, and even mimics my tone when I say them. 99% of this is good things- like when she tells me to "take small bites" :)...but it is clear to me I influence in many ways that are not even verbal. Moms (and dads) are some of the most influential people in the world.

Where do you spend your time? Is your influence a positive one?

I was hoping blogging could be a positive experience, but it is hard to break out and have people invested. I feel like I have had little to no influence in the blogging world.

As far as the photography stuff goes, I want to do it and influence others with photos I take, but I am just trying to figure out how. It is hard when I can't seem to get feedback and am slowly figuring out where to start. I have to keep reminding myself that even experts were once beginners. I heard that last week from another person who influences and inspires me.

I am on this earth to live for eternal influence, but figuring out how to do that is a constant task.
I feel like that chick running around with only its 2 legs out of the shell.

"Eternal influence" is the ruler I am daily trying to pick up and use to measure the projects I take on.
I wish I could have more eternal influence and do things that matter.

and I mean things that REALLY matter.