Do you know what's even better than taking pictures of handmade things?
Taking pictures of FOOD. Yum!

I have been practicing my photography to build up a portfolio for online galleries for a website I want to eventually start, but I have some more practice needing to be done. Right now I have been writing bakeries and restaurants letters and emails hoping for chances to photograph their food-just for practice.

For now, I go to markets, buy food, take it home and photograph it.
I make dinner, put a plate together, and photograph it.
I make cupcakes or cookies for my kids, and photograph those too.
If its edible, I think of some way to take a picture of it.

If you want to see a real professional's beautiful food pictures, you HAVE to see What Katie Ate. Her blog is my favorite food blog, and I want her cookbook pretty bad too. The video she recently posted of her making some of her recipes makes me green with envy.

If you take a look at today's post, enjoy these pictures I took and feel free to comment your constructive criticism about what I can be doing more of or better. I really need to hear it.

I have been practicing photography for the past 9 months (approximately)..and am a novice at food photography.
This is only a few of what I have....gotta save some suspense for the website ;)