Wood Growth Board Project and Life Updates

What a week it has been, and so I haven't been around the blog much!
Here are some updates...

---I participated in my first ever kid's consignment sale. It was a lot of work to iron, hang, and tag things, and I now know I need to start that process weeks in advance and not the day before. Over 45,000 items were at this sale, and it filled an entire vacant grocery store, so you can imagine the women were there ready with their baskets and Black-Friday attitudes.

---I have 105 snowman kits to finish up for the Indie Gift Boxes going out next month.....wow- this is going to be fun!

---Spare time practicing food photography in my own kitchen because everyone else fails to write or call me back.

---My 1 year old and I have bad head colds. She acts like the snot sucker thing is evil, but she needs it. Its one of those things you wish you could explain, but they just don't understand. Not to mention my 3 year old came down with a UTI....giving her antibiotics isn't too fun either.

Managing the house, my husband, dealing with bank issues on our short sale has left me pretty wiped out. I had one night where I eeeked out a project for me, and it turned out 99% how I envisioned.

 I saw this on Pinterest long ago, and being in the Military, it appealed to me in that it can go with us wherever we go! Now that we left the Marine Corps, I think it is still something to have and treasure for the years. I can imagine writing my grand kids heights on it one day.....maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself.

I visited LOWES and spent $2 on a piece of Redwood fence. I liked this piece's grain pattern and it was already the perfect size, so no cutting is required. BUT- I do recommend you sand your board down to make it smooth. You don't want splinters and rough wood to be accessible to your kids!

Fencing is 6 feet tall, but because my husband is 6-3, I knew I would need a way to make up for that.
I ended up starting the ruler at the 6 inch mark, so that wherever I hung it, it would be 6 inches off of the ground. This would also help me with the issue of hanging it out of the way of the baseboard, and now my board would reach up to 6ft. 6 inches if I wanted it to....I let it just go to 6ft. 3 inches so I could write our name on top.

I printed numbers 1-6 in a font I liked. Covered those pieces with contact paper, and used a hobby knife to cut the numbers out and form stencils.
I used a ruler to measure out inches, and a foam dauber to apply the painted numbers.

In all, this project cost just a few cents over $5, and took about an hour.
 I am happy to have a way to measure our growth as a family.

Have you wanted to make one of these?

Comment below, and I will mail one lucky person a package containing contac-paper stencils in any font you like (if I have it), a piece of snad paper, and a foam dauber. All you will need is a ruler, paint and your board. :)