Cranberry & Marshmallow Garland

To make a garland that is beautiful and fun like the one pictured is much easier than you may think!

All you need is a few inexpensive ingredients:

-Waxed floss
-Fresh cranberries
-Mini marshmallows

A little planning is required because you need to be sure and dry out your marshmallows for a week before you want to make your garland.

Simply take your marshmallows and make a single layer spread onto a pan and put away in a dry place for about a week. They will harden, making them able to be easily strung on the floss.

After your marshmallows are dried out, buy your fresh cranberries...they are hard, and perfect for this fun project.

Take your toothpick, and puncture your marshmallows and cranberries, making a small hole through the middle. When you put your toothpick through, give it a little wiggle and widen the hole a tiny bit.
This is so easy, your 3 year old can help! ;)

Noel had fun making the holes, and I helped her string them on.


It is as easy as that!

Here are a few extra tips to make your garland a successful experience:

 + The garland process can be done quicker if you also add in cheerios to string on
+You can use 2 toothpicks side by side when making the hole, if you are inpatient with a smaller hole
+ Using waxed floss will keep the end a little stiff as you insert it

(ADDED NOTE: After about a week, your cranberries will start to dry out and shrivel a little...maybe save this garland to use next year and they will be dried out completely! ;) )