It's Almost Been A Year

If you can believe it or not, 2012 is almost over!
That means, my blog is almost 1 year old.

This year has been a great learning experience and blogging has taught me a lot and led me to some really nice people all over the world. Its nice to be in sync with others who feel handmade and homemade is the best.

If you've been following from the beginning, I changed my name from Noel's Paperie to Life Created in hopes of being able to leave the corner I had put myself in just doing paper crafts and wedding invitations. Life Created has been a broad sampling of things I enjoy....and doing them with family.

For 2013, I have a few fun things planned...and my goal will be to live life and fit my blog in when I can. There's been a few weeks this year that I totally let my hobbies and blog rule my mind. That just doesn't work.

Over Thanksgiving, I traveled and visited family I haven't seen in a long time...I realized what I bubble I live in here in my small house I can almost touch the ceilings of. In all honesty, there is more to life, so I am trying to remind myself of that.

Things I want to share more about/have planned for 2013:

- My photography happenings....I am starting to work with a local food photographer/ food magazine editor/ chef, and hope to learn a lot from her. Tomorrow I take a "making homemade pasta and pesto" class from her..I can't wait. I wanted to debut an official business website for what I envision for my food photography and product photography, but its difficult to do when you don't have any clients yet. I also still have a lot to learn about the business side of things too.

- Fridays will be dedicated to sharing my week's dinner meal plan. This will not only keep me on track and accountable, but maybe help you too. I want to show that making homemade meals can be done with real food (not always from a box, bag or can), within a budget and not with a ton of required time. Depending on your family's lifestyle, you may do your menus differently.

- Growing our family....we a prayerfully considering moving in the spring to a house we own and love. Arizona seems to be the place we will be for a while at least. Our house in NC finally sold in October, so that burden is off of our backs. I mostly look forward to having a yard with grass and not "poo-poo dirt" as my 3 year old calls it.

- Seasonal Closing- shop status...Its a reality check when you offer people the chance to barter for items in your shop, and they don't see something they'd want....or when you hold a BIG sale, and no one takes advantage of it. For reasons like these, I think the shop will be closed for a few months through the New Year. I have to figure out where my vision is with it....its too much of a hodge-podge right now.

- Project life catching kids' photo books have been an ongoing project!

Thank you to the blog followers who read my posts and have kept up with me...its fun to know you and be inspired by you. I read yall's blogs too, and have even followed your tutorials.

I hope 2013 can be another year of creating and remembering we were created with purpose too.

Enjoy the rest of your week...and come back Friday for my post about Chocolate Pecan Pie.