Vintage Kitchen Utensils, The blog & Homemade Pasta

I just had the longest blogging break I have ever taken the whole past year, and I have to say- it was nice! If you are new to the LifeCreated blog, let me tell you now...I am human.

This is us at Christmas...

Pictures you may see here may depict a put together life with clean counter tops, and food that comes out yummy every time. Smiles in photos may seem like they never fade, but in all actuality, my family is as "pulled" as yours.

We are pulled to "go here, "go there", get the kids dressed, fed and the housework done. Bills to be paid and groceries to buy...that's life.

The message of 2013 and forever is that no matter your life, the day to day...each minute was handcrafted. It was created. I can't wait for all that 2013 is going to bring, but as I prayed the other night, all I could say is thank you Lord for my healthy babies...and that I pray He use the things/tools He has given me for His good. I don't know how (I wish I did), but if there was a way to use my crafting and love of photography (even though I am still semi-newbie IMO) for His ultimate message, then I want to.

Here you will find tales of disasters and successes in my kitchen & craft room, with my kids, and in the world of handmade. Please stick around as I am excited to embark on 2013 with you.

Today I wanted to share a quick glimpse into a small collection I have recently started: vintage/antique/old (whatever you'd call them) kitchen utensils.
They come from vintage sales, friends, yard sales, goodwill...wherever I can find some that dont cost an arm and a leg. I refuse to pay $15 for a spoon I want just for photo me cheap, I guess.

I have been practicing product and food photography for almost a year, so these are just some of what I have done at home on my own time of my small collection...more will keep being added as I find them. Props are so important in food photography, and I hope share more about that soon in another detailed post.


The pasta machine is an Atlas (Marcato) machine made in Italy, and was a wedding present for my parents given to them over 30 years ago. Since my mom never uses it, she just gave it to me. I was blessed to attend a local pasta-making class recently, so this SO came in handy.

Did you know homemade pasta is so simple?!
 I did all of the pasta making and photos during 1 nap time! whew

colorful handles...


Thank you for reading today...and I'd love to hear from you!