Turning A New Leaf, Hello 2013!

Have you ever heard that saying about "turning a new leaf?"

My parents used to say it while we were all growing up, in reference to my brother who often found himself in some sort of big trouble. When they had all decided (or my parents decided) he was going to start behaving, they'd declare "he's turning a new leaf!"

After a while of "turning new leaves" I started saying "he's turned enough leaves to build a forest!"

Looking back, obviously that wasn't very nice to say..... but sisterly?...maybe ;)

In all seriousness, I hope 2013 finds you as blessed this year as you were last year. Looking back, there may have been "leaves" you were happy to shed, and excited to replace with new ones, but each leaf made its mark and had its purpose.

To bring out the cliff notes version of the Science geek in me again....look at leaves from a nature perspective. They aren't just on plants because they are pretty, but in fact they are made up of chlorophyll and a bunch of other things with long names that allow sunlight to be captured, food to be made and transported throughout the plant to where it needs to be (photosynthesis).
Leaves are vital to a plants nourishment and growth.

Whatever leaves you are glad you shed this year, or ones you rather have "turn over" and start anew, the 2012 leaves grew you in ways you may not know yet. Maybe you learned a new skill, but it wasn't so easy to begin. Maybe you had to give up someone or something?

I'm not into "resolutions", but I do have a goal to be overall more optimistic and faithful.
After all, I have more blessings than I can count, I know God's promises are true, so why shouldn't I be?!   HAPPY 2013!

Below are some pretty nature pictures I took recently...enjoy

Perception Is Everything