Simple Food Friday

Every Friday I plan on sharing a few of the recipes my family ate throughout the previous week. I will give you the inside "scoop" on what worked and what didn't. Some dishes may have been sides, lunch, or for dinner. These were all made by us this past week or weekend, and I've also included a few photos of some of the dishes.
Some weeks I may include just 2 or 3 recipes, and other weeks I will try to give more.

Just so you know...

1) For all of my dairy, meat and eggs, you can assume I used organic/cage free/vegetarian need to repeat those words a hundred times in each recipe. For my fruits and vegetables, I also buy organic anytime I can (about 90% of the time). You can decide for yourself if you want to do the same, or not. At least either way, you won't have to read the word "organic" over and over. ;)
2) All of these meals are estimated to feed 4 people. You can adjust according to the number of people you want to feed.
3) My 2 kids eat what we eat...I don't cook separate meals for them.
4) I encourage you to read labels before buying. Try to buy items with just a few ingredients, and things you can readily own/make in your own kitchen. If the list looks like a bunch of chemicals, skip it.


Some of the best food is simple, quick and uses few ingredients. Life with kids sometimes doesn't allow for handmade everything, and I completely understand that. 
This week, there were a few days I needed simple meals made quickly, so the recipes I wanted to share today are:
1) An Over Easy Breakfast (prep 5 minutes, cook time 5 minutes)
2) Whole Wheat Pitas- PB & J
Over Easy Breakfast
Ingredients: 2 eggs, toast, a few slices of prosciutto (Italian ham), side of fruit, butter, preferred seasonings

Our whole family loves cantaloupe, so I washed and sliced up some fresh cantaloupe to serve with this after I took the picture.
 I actually made the over easy eggs for my husband (his fav), but my kids love scrambled. I heat the pan with a small pat of butter, and let it melt to barely coat the pan. I crack both of my eggs on top, and add some seasonings to the tops of them as they cook for about 30-60 seconds. 
Our seasonings include garlic powder, salt, black pepper, parsley, rosemary
Shimmy the pan a little to make double sure they aren't sticking, and when you are ready to flip, use a spatula to do so. Gently flip and lay the eggs back down so the yolks don't break. Let them cook sunny-side down for just another 20-30 seconds and lay on top of a piece of toast you have already made. 
Keeping the pan hot and coated with the egg juices, take a few slices of prosciutto ham and heat each side for about 10 seconds. It is a very thin ham, so no need to heat for long. The ham and cantaloupe make an awesome side to the toast and eggs. If I liked over-easy eggs, this would definitely be a favorite of mine.
Whole Wheat Pita PB&J
Ingredients: Whole wheat pita bread, peanut butter, whole fruit jelly
Pita bread is great for sandwiches because it easily forms a pocket when it is cut in half. I actually cut it into quarters, and fill them with the crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly. We also mix it up sometimes and use apple butter, honey and other fun fillings. Yummy!
(We found our pita bread at Trader Joes...just make sure you pay attention to the ingredient list when buying yours. Also, try to buy jelly that is just fruit as well)