Who's That Blog?

If blogs could walk down the street, I'd want to be that one that people stop and say 
"whoa...who's THAT blog?"
...well maybe I have seen too many movies, or I'm typing this at too late of an hour. 
What I'm really I'm trying to say...wanna be a sponsor?
You heard me right....I've hit my blog's first birthday and have taken the plunge to accept a few sponsors.
A few? Yes...6 to be exact. 
Cost: $5
This limit allows me time to devote to following and sharing you with new readers. It allows people to see a few ads without running away feeling like they just got spammed by mini billboards with cute names on them.
Don't worry...I don't come calling, asking for guest posts or giveaway items.
Please...consider sponsoring Life Created and click the "Sponsors" button on the front top of the blog for more information
 I am excited to meet some new bloggers out there!