Doily Windowed Heart Garland

As you can see, this Foodie Friday is food-less, as I decided to post a pretty garland for you to enjoy instead. My craftiness has been sidelined this week. My husband had a flu and I just plain old have a preggo brain. I'll skip the details, but some events included me making an appointment with the wrong dentist, washing my husband's jeans with the wallet still in the pocket, AND making his lunch one night but leaving it out on the counter to become room temperature and gross.....poor guy. 
Anyway......its not "new" news that I love garlands. Today I want to share how to make this one:

By now you have read how to make a garland curtain as a back drop...

or make these for the 4th of July...

They work for any holiday, any occasion, any age group, any gender.

Who doesn't love pretty shapes strung together to hang somewhere beautiful like a mantle, a door, or in the trees? Who doesn't like that they can be sewn in minutes on a sewing machine?! See this video ;)

If you are on heart-overload mode by now, after reading all of the ideas there are for Valentines day, I think you'll find some part of you that will still love this dreamy garland idea.

 The good thing about hearts is: they are not limited to a season.
 Love never goes out of style. 
Its THE commandment...the most common emotion people share- and this garland works for anyone feeling the love...especially for a wedding.
I call it the doily windowed heart garland...I couldn't think of a better name!

Tools that'd you'll need:

Sewing machine with preferred color of thread ready to go

Cardstock/ decorative papers
 (I used kraft cardstock and sheet music for this garland)

X-acto knife (craft knife)

Self-healing mat

Doilies (see explanation below)

Glue stick


1. Cut hearts of any random sizes and variations you like out of your decorative papers. These hearts will go in between the doily-windowed hearts as accents.

2. To make the doily-windowed hearts, take your cardstock (or you can also use your patterned paper too) and hold 2 pieces together. Cut your heart, but this time you will result with 2 identical hearts that will form the "frame" that holds your doily.  Try to use doilies that have the lace pattern throughout the entire doily. Doilies with it just around the edges will not allow you to make hearts bigger than 1-2 inches in size, since you will be needing the lace to fit the window of your heart.

3. Place the hearts aligned together on your self-healing mat and use your craft knife to cute out a "window" in the shape of a smaller heart through both layers.

4. Take the hearts that were cut out and use one as a template on top of your doily. Using scissors, gently cut around the heart, leaving a small border of excess doily around the edge. 

5. You now have your doily heart that can be gently glued and sandwiched in between the 2 heart "frames". 

6. Lets the doily hearts dry and gather all paper hearts and windowed hearts together to be sewn. 

Sewing garlands is so can sew them in any order you desire and space them to your liking as well. 

Go see that video if you want to see it done by me...have fun making yours!