Tired Of The Same

Do you ever reach that point where you have looked at your own pictures so much that they just seem "same old, same old" to you? I have reached that point. 
I start questioning if a certain picture is even a good picture anymore...after I have seen it a hundred times.
Maybe if you cook the same recipes often, you may get tired of that food---- until you feed it to someone who has never had it and their excitement over it reinvigorates you as well.
Maybe you've crafted the same items over and over and their beauty in your eyes is not what it used to be-------- until someone who has never seen it before notices your handiwork and you begin to appreciate its special quality all over again.
How do you get your creative "mojo" back after everything starts to feel mundane?
 Maybe I'm the only one that reaches that point occasionally?
What I've started to do? Practice doing new things from time to time.
Happy Sunday