Antique Frame Makeover

Does anyone else enjoy visiting antique stores?
I have posted several of my antiquing finds on my blog, and one of the most recent was an antique picture frame I discovered in Texas for just $10!

                                                              THIS                 into                THIS

The frame is very large--meant to hold a picture measuring 20 x 26 inches.

For a solid wood frame that big, I was happy to pay ten dollars. I especially loved the detailed carving in the frame's edge.

Luckily, there were some items I was having shipped to me from Texas, so I added this frame to the shipment. I got it in a few days, and began brainstorming what I was going to do with it.

Here is what it looked like before: 

I  found inspiration in this onesie I had bought for my daughter last year. It was made of my favorite teal color, and had adorable white flowers painted on.

Remember, crafting gives you the freedom to find inspiration anywhere you wish! Look at your surroundings and be inspired by fashion, nature, food, and more!

My supplies were: a piece of pine ply wood measuring 20x26 inches, sample jar of teal paint, wood glue, drill with 1 skrew, paint roller, white lace trim flower pot, fake flowers, 1 can of white spray paint, white paint and small paint brush (both which I already had)

I highly recommend letting your kids help with projects that you feel are safe for them to do.
Creativity can start at an early age!

I did 3 coats of teal paint before I started painting flowers.

Let your flower-painted board dry completely.
I then got the frame, and put a bead of translucent wood glue along all inside edges where the wood would be resting. I inserted the wood face down into the frame and put a weight on top of the wood, to insure it would be adhered well into the frame. (Sorry no picture of this)

After the frame was dried with the wood, I got my flower pot.

This pot is perfect to use, because the lace trim is beautiful, and allows for a screw to easily be drilled through, attatching it to my wood.

Sorry for the poor lighting....

I then filled the pot with some fake flowers I got on sale, and it was done and ready to be hung above my mantel!