Husbands & Handmade Notes

Have you ever made your husband a handmade gift? 
What would he say if you did?

There is no other gift like a handmade gift, and let's face it- husbands can love handmade too.

Some men couldn't care less, and even on the "caring scale", my husband ranks about a 5/10.

I know every husband varies in their appreciation for the talent and work that goes into handmade things, but since we can only improve his life with the things we hand-make, why not make the attempt?

Stop and think to yourself...what does your husband enjoy?
 I think it is safe to say that the best place to start with handmade for a man, is in the kitchen.
Who knows if the way to your man's heart is through his stomach, but with these few ideas I want to share, I hope you can play with the ideas and cater them to meet your husband in his own way.

1) His Favorite Treats
My husband loves almost anything edible, including hot chocolate on occasion.

If yours does too, find a baby food jar. Fill it with a portion of cocoa mix, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. In any chocolate recipe, even brownies, I double the chocolate measurement, and for hot chocolate, I add it. You can never have too much:) 

Tie with a little note and accompany it with a thermos of hot water/milk for his lunch.

Don't forget a mini whisk or spoon for stirring

Levi is also a peanut M&M, Chocolate chip cookies kind of guy....these tins with see-through lids are were just a dollar at Michaels!

2) Lunch Notes
It's no secret I love these sort of thing. I have been making them for years, and if you make your husband's lunch daily, slip one in now and then for that extra bit of encouragement for the day.
Don't make homemade lunches? Surprise him with a note in his briefcase, wallet, or on his steering wheel when he leaves in the morning. Let him know you are thinking of him.

Simple cardstock scraps, a few punches and inexpensive stamps or markers do the trick!

and you all know how much I love to sew paper:)

As wives, we have that special role to be a loving helper. All husbands feel loved in different ways. 
Some love encouragement through cards, notes, handmade things. 

If you haven't tried this avenue of love, start today.
 It may be something they want, and don't even know it yet.