Remembering The Lasts, Encouraging moms

If you missed the first post I wrote about our third baby, check it out here ;)
How come in every stage of pregnancy there has to be those people who like to steal joy?
When you are having your first baby, people will tell you: 
"Just wait til that baby comes, you won't be getting any sleep"

When you have one, and your pregnant with another people will say:
 "Just you wait until you have two, you won't have a life!"

Well, I have heard all of that {and regretfully have said it in the past}, but now being almost 17 weeks into my 3rd, I have paid attention to the remarks 
"Just wait until your third!"

Let me just say- it is exhausting and in no way encouraging.

Today I went in for my usual "every 4-weeks" doctor appointment to hear our baby's heartbeat and the norm. Its so great to be on this end of things this time...I feel like I can say "this ain't my first rodeo." I'm about 16 1/2 weeks now, but I look more like 20ish weeks along. This fact reminds me of a project I did with my sixth graders in Science class one year where we blew up a balloon multiple times and counted the number of breaths it took to fill it up each time....they just don't bounce back like they used to, I guess.
Each pregnancy comes with its own set of second taught me that 27 year olds can get varicose veins. I also learned sciatic nerves are real, and babies can become breech all of a sudden-even when you are 40 weeks pregnant. 
The magazines in the doctors office with horror stories of women who had to push for 5 hours, or threw up for the whole 9 months don't scare me. I think I know now how my body reacts, so I feel reassured in that.
The lists of what to do during labor and what to pack in your bag are just something I skip over now.
If new moms should have one plan, its to plan that you might NOT to use the plan. 
Have your birthing plan, your bag packed and take classes, but just be flexible.
Today at my appointment, we heard the heartbeat, and my doctor asked if I had any questions. I said "nope" and she quickly replied..."its always funny to see moms who have done this before, vs. the first time moms who come in with a list and say they won't be getting an epidural."
Yep...I remember those days too.
I thought to myself, did I have a list?
Yes, I think early on, I did.
I was also one of those "no epidural" moms.
I went to birthing classes, even if I did have to go by myself because of my husband's deployment. It is an odd feeling walking into a room with about 20 other couples and your pillow- laying there practicing breathing with my imaginary partner. The tour of the hospital was the most beneficial part, so I definitely suggest that to any new mommy to be.
Thinking back to both of my other pregnancies, and now having my last, every little milestone is pretty sentimental. The other day I think I felt a flutter of him/her, and I said to myself. 
"my last-first flutter"

A book I sometimes read to my daughters is a story all about a mom remembering the lasts of her child's life. It completely sucks, and is meant to torture the parent who reads it...neither my husband or I can barely finish it without needing tissues.
However, it did get me to thinking of the everyday mundane things I have to do, and sometime how I muddle through them not realizing they are blessings. My child needs me to lift her onto the potty sometimes.  Instead of saying "this again???" I try to remember, one day she won't need me.
Pulling the peel of her banana
Helping her put her princess shoes on
Teaching her how to crack eggs for cookies
Teaching her to write her name
My list can go on, but I am blessed in thinking with our third baby, I have many more firsts to enjoy. This pregnancy, however, also brings many lasts.
No matter what stage of life you are in, the job you do, remember how you can bless someone else and value that moment in their life. Many new moms out there can use encouragement from a more experienced mom from time to time. You may have had your last child, but don't stop encouraging those moms who are having their first. 
In a non "know-it-all" kind of way, come along side them and lend a hand. 
Leave the "just wait" comments at home.
We find out the gender of our third baby on Valentines day, so I can't wait to share that with you...and possibly a bump picture too;)
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