Fancy Butter

If you ever have a nice meal or go to a nice restaurant, you will find the little details sometimes can add the most flair to your experience.
Think of reasons why restaurants fold napkins in a fancy way.
Why do they give you those mints at the end?
Something as easy as using a mold for butter can add a touch of deliberate fanciness to a meal and make someone eating say WOW!

Over the weekend, I found these small tins at an antique store my husband took me to!
 They were only a few bucks for a set of 4!
They sat on my kitchen table for a day until it hit me- BUTTER!
I love butter so much and put it in many recipes...anything with butter is better.
 (Did I make that up, or did Paula Deen?) ;)
Anyway.....I set out a block of butter to become room temperature, used a butter knife to slather the butter into the molds, and popped them in the freezer for a few minutes to re-harden. 
You can set the tins down on a warm washcloth or small dish with barely any warm water in it to help loosen the butter from the mold again if you need to. 
Easily, you have butters you can present on a table with bread or other foods, and add some pizzazz all at the same time. 

Shaped butter can add style to a dish, and make an impression much like shaped soaps can in a guest bathroom.
If you don't have small tins like these, look for lollipop molds at your local craft/bake shop.