Our Anniversary


The chaos that has been my life for the past 2 months is on a downhill slope. Of course, it wasn't my idea to be in my third trimester and moving to a new home all at once! But, it wasn't a choice, and it's done. All that's left is maybe 10 boxes sitting in the garage.

Today marks 6 years of marriage to my best friend. The day we said "I do", Levi was a lance corporal in the Marine Corp, and we thought we had it all. Years of dating on the phone and seeing each other twice a year was going to end and a fairy tale would ensue. 
married 1 month

The 6 years have brought the deployment, recruiting duty, cross-country move, birth of 2 daughters, leaving the Marine Corp...3rd daughter on the way....needless to say, many twists and turns.
It took marriage for me to learn I'm controlling and didn't know how to communicate well.
It took marriage for me to learn he has a temper.
Throughout every year, the bumps in the road have acted like a rock tumbler, polishing us. 
We still don't have it all together, but we keep learning together.
I am excited to say we have made it 6 years, because let's face it, marriage isn't easy-but still the best decision I've made.
6 year anniversary lunch