Vintage Kitchen Collecting

 Is there anything you enjoy collecting?

 For me, collecting kitchen utensils and vintage gadgets for my food photography is something I love to do.

Granted, my vintage kitchen collection is pretty "young" since I just started it this year, but in the world of food photography, props can really help your photos if used correctly.

I look for props in all sorts of places!

Vintage Kitchen Collection

vintage kitchen collection

Even if you do not photograph food, it is fun to mix and match vintage kitchen collections for display or use in your own home. Those things were someone's at one time...some of them handcrafted. vintage kitchen tools

 Want to start a vintage kitchen collection of your own?
vintage kitchen utensils

  How to Start a Vintage Kitchen Collection vintage utensils

 - Let your friends family know: Several of my favorite items have come from my mom who has had them for decades. A friend graciously gave me a few things she had sitting in a closet. Other family members might have some items to contribute to you. So don't be afraid to ask!

  vintage pastry press

Know your budget: Everything in my collection ranged in cost from 50 cents to a few dollars. I am cheap when it comes to my finds! And I have a set amount in mind for what I want to spend.

  antique kitchen

Shop Goodwill, thrift stores and antique stores: Antique stores often have catalogs of local "antiquing-events", so grab one of those, and mark your calendar. Ask the store clerks for referrals to other shops nearby and keep an eye out for "deal days". Where I live, Goodwill offers "50% off " and "$1 days". Antiques store often have sales around holidays, just like regular stores. -And don't forget to ask antique and thrift stores if they have a clearance section! You may be able to score some great pieces at a killer price that have sat around too long on their shelves. vintage pyrex

- Turn it over! Don't know about something you've found? See if there is a name or date on the bottom. Technology nowadays makes it so easy to research something's history. You can use your smart phone right there in the store to search the name or date on the piece and get all kinds of information on the spot. Plus you can also look up retail prices of similar items online to know if you are getting a good deal or not.

  antique kitchen utensils


No matter it's worth, if you find a gorgeous "something" that screams to be in your kitchen, enjoy it. Not everything has to be labeled "vintage" to be valuable. Colorful, dual purpose and unique are some traits I look for when adding to my collection. Sometimes when I see pieces, I quickly envision how I will use them in a photo. vintage blue dishes

Thanks for taking a peek into my kitchen cabinets today!